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How We Make A Difference

Nurture them Naturally are an extraordinary organization in many ways. We believe in small batch manufacturing to keep all products as fresh as possible.

We have a broad variety, from complete meals with and without vegetables, plain minces, boneless minces, chunks, bones, offal's and sausages. This is all lovingly hand made using only the finest human grade meat in our own Defra approved factory.


Our team applies a considerable amount of time in sourcing high quality and ethically sourced produce. We feel as team it is important not only to source the best quality human grade produce but we also follow that up with eco-friendly fully recyclable packaging.


Just like many raw feeding companies we started as dog owners who were searching for products to help with our dog’s conditions.


We opened a store and trialed products that at the time were not hugely in demand on the market. This was when the term "Natural" was not used a lot.

After running the store and observing the market abuse the word “Natural” we decided to produce our own raw food as once again we couldn't find anything on the market right for our own dogs with their health conditions. After many minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years, the factory was launched, and we started our range of raw food. Then expanded into herbal products with an accomplished herbalist.


We believe as a company that mother nature is the finest chef. Working with nutritionists, we create our food based on what canines and felines are supposed to eat.

All our working dog meals are suitable for any active dog from fields to training and will provide proper protein that is fully digestible for energy and strength as it provides the correct essential proteins and fatty acids.


We are proud to be able to say we can relate on every level from customer, shop owner and manufacturer. Every single member of our fantastic team works so unbelievably hard to provide a strong product and outstanding service!

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